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ziyafet, the banquet teaser
Videoyu Oynat

ziyafet / the banquet

2019, short fiction 

16 mins. 

Ahmet has a timid structure and tries to avoid communicating with people. One night, all the basic regularity of Ahmet will be destroyed with the scream comes from the building manager Ibrahim's house which is Ahmet's next door. And also, brand new security cameras on the apartment will put him into a relationship network that he would not want to be involved.

Sarajevo Film Festival  2019

Euroshort Young Filmmakers Gdansk 2019

Batman Yılmaz Güney Film Festivali 2020

İzmir Uluslararası Kısa Film Festivali 2020

Uşak Kanatlı Denizatı Kısa Film Festivali 2020

Afsad Kısa Film Festivali  2021

İfsak Kısa Film Festivali  2021

hatırlamadığım şeyler, things i don't remember teaser
Videoyu Oynat

hatırlamadığım şeyler,

things I don't remember

2020, short experimental

9 mins.

A forgotten New Year's Eve, a ghost who suddenly comes to visit and a journey to the gardens of memory. A personal effort to remember the past.

things I don't remember tries to be part of a mutual act of remembering.The director invites the audience to remember with him and the shattered images form a collective memory.

Akbank Kısa Film Festivali 2021, Perspektif Bölümü